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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I recently had a total hip replacement. My orthopedic surgeon highly recommended Jorge Ulloa for my physical therapy post surgery, located in Riberas at Lake Chapala. He has recently opened a new office with high quality equipment.
After 8 therapy sessions, Jorge discharged me and indicated I did not need more therapy as my recovery had been very rapid.
My appointments were an hour each starting at 3 times a week, and dropping to 2 times a week until discharge.
I was given home exercises to perform to assist in my quick recovery.
Jorge is very well trained as a therapist, has worked in the United States and is fluent in English.
He is very professional and worked with me the full hour of each session.
I will soon need a second hip replacement and will surely go to Jorge for my therapy and recovery to normal function.
I highly recommend Jorge for any type of physical therapy that is required, post illness or surgery. He also works with MS patients to improve their mobility and balance, etc. I have had physical therapy in both the US and Mexico in the past for different issues but have never had anyone as good, knowledgeable and professional as Jorge. It is truly a blessing to have him and his service here at lakeside.
Date of Posting: 06 May 2016
Posted By: Sharon Dockins
To Whom It May Concern,

I have been fortunate to use the services of Jorge Ulloa over a period of more than a month to relieve pain and tremors in neck and shoulders caused by nervous disorders of the spinal column.

I think of Jorge as having hands of steel one moment and hands of silk the next.
An apt description or not, I can assert that Jorge has brought about more improvement to my quality of life than any previous physical therapist I have asked to help with the problems I have undergone.

I highly recommended Jorge to anyone who needs the services of a qualified and caring physical therapist.


David McNiven
Date of Posting: 29 March 2016
Posted By: David McNiven
After the recommendation of my neurologist in the states, I began therapy
with Jorge to strengthen muscles in my legs that have weakened due to MS ( Multiple Sclerosis)
lack of use. As my doctor explained I still had good muscles that would
benefit from exercise.

I can only say good things about my experience with Jorge. He is a kind and
knowledgeable physical therapist who worked with me to build up my leg
strength. His motivating spirit & professional work ethic moved me to
progress nicely, and although he cannot totally reverse the effects of this
debilitating disease, I have benefited greatly.

Although I have taken physical therapy in the states, I must admit, this is
by far the best experience I have ever had. As I return to my US home, I
shall continue the exercises that Jorge has prescribed, and hopefully my
progress will continue or at least stay on par.

Again I highly recommend Jorge to anyone who is in need of this service. He
is a real asset to the Lakeside communities!

Date of Posting: 12 March 2016
Posted By: Linda
When it became abundantly clear that I was in need of a total knee replacement I knew immediately who I wanted to be my physio therapist in the recovery period – Jorge Ulloa.
Jorge had treated my wife following her hip replacement surgery a year prior and from her results and her opinion of the treatment she received I wanted to work with Jorge in my rehabilitation.
By August it was evident that my surgery would take place in late October. However, we were going to be out of the country until the first part of October. As a consequence, I contacted Jorge to ask if there was a pre-surgery set of exercises that might contribute to a speedy recovery post-surgery. Jorge responded with a set of recommended exercises which I did without fail for the duration of our trip and until my surgery during the first week of November.
My surgery was on a Tuesday and I was released from hospital the following Friday. Jorge was at my door Saturday morning to commence rehabilitation. For the next week Jorge visited my home every weekday afternoon. The following week we were down to three home visits per week. Then after the third week, when I was able to drive, I visited Jorge at his facility for further physio therapy (note: physio therapy is much more effective on an appropriate table than on a soft bed at home) I was also given a set of exercises to do on the days I did not have physio. I followed this regime very diligently and it has paid off extremely well.
Approximately five weeks after surgery I attempted to ride a spin bicycle (stationary bicycle). It was slow and painful but I did get about five revolutions done. (This is a great exercise to work on flexion and extension by moving the seat up and down). Two days later I was able to complete about seven revolutions. I have continued until today, eleven weeks post-surgery, when I completed a full spin class of one hour using a modicum of resistance and feel GREAT!! I am back playing eighteen holes of golf twice a week. And as I said to my wife the other day – this is the first time in about thirty years that I have no pain whatsoever!
I firmly believe that by doing the exercises recommended by Jorge on a daily basis coupled with the excellent in-facility exercises provided by Jorge I am well on the road to a full recovery.
Jorge’s patience but at the same time persistence in completing the exercises to the very best of your ability has paid off in my case.
I highly recommend you consider using Jorge Ulloa as your physio therapist if the need ever arises,

Date of Posting: 22 February 2016
Posted By: D.C.R.
I have twice been a patient of Jorge Ulloa’s – once for a broken shoulder and once for issues with my lower back. I can highly recommend him. He is a caring, very knowledgeable physical therapist who successfully guided me through the healing process both times. He understood both the physical and the emotional hurdles that had to be confronted, and dealt with them in a very professional manner, knowing just when to push me harder and when to ease-up. It gives me great comfort to know that we have such a wonderful professional here at Lakeside.
K. Carlson, San Juan Cosalá
Date of Posting: 23 January 2016
Posted By: K. Carlson
During my many years NOB, I've consulted with more than a few PT's. We are lucky to have an excellent PT right here at Lakeside. I've had 2 different occasions to ask for PT help from Jorge Ulloa. You can't go wrong. I highly recommend him.

Date of Posting: 03 January 2016
Posted By: Janet Kilburn
Jorge is an excellent physiotherapist and especially knowledgeable about exercise. If you follow his advice and do all he suggests you will have a very good result. He prepared me for surgery from which I recovered very quickly.
P.G., San Antonio Tlayacapan
Date of Posting: 21 December 2015
Posted By: P.G.
I had been suffering for a couple of months from pain in my neck and shoulder when I finally took my wife’s advice and scheduled an appointment with Jorge (he had treated my wife for an ankle injury).

On my first visit Jorge diagnosed the most probable causes as poor posture when using the computer and weak back and shoulder muscles.

After the first session of massage therapy and ultra-sound he prescribed a regimen of strengthening exercises which were followed up with two additional massage sessions on my neck, shoulder and back along with instructions to continue the strengthening exercises daily. In a matter of only 3 weeks I was and continue to be pain free. I knew how good Jorge was from the treatment my wife had from him and he reinforced my opinion when he treated me. He is excellent.

Do not hesitate to contact him for any physical therapy needs you may have.

Skip Johnson
Date of Posting: 18 December 2015
Posted By: Edwin Johnson
I highly recommend Jorge Ulloa.
I twisted my ankle on Ajijic’s famous cobblestones tearing all the ligaments and tendons where I had previously broken the ankle and had a metal plate and 10 screws put in 13 years previously. After being treated by an excellent orthopedic trauma specialist at San Javier he recommended that after the cast was removed I should have physical therapy.

I found Jorge through his excellent website and contacted him for an appointment. He responded to all of my emails promptly and arranged to see me the following day.

Treatment included massage therapy, ultra-sound, and strengthening exercises. My sister-in-law who is a retired physical therapist completely agreed with all of the treatment and was impressed by his expertise and techniques. Jorge motivates you and encourages you during all of the sessions. In a matter of weeks I was able to go from crutches to a cane to walking on my own. Jorge speaks excellent English and has a great personality. I could not have been more pleased.

Dona Johnson
Date of Posting: 18 December 2015
Posted By: Dona Johnson
When my Iliotibial band started acting up on me, Jorge immediately identified the problem and started message and exercises to strengthen the muscles and prevent the problem for reoccurring. He is well spoken in English, very professional, and listens to identify the problem and resolve it! Whatever your need for physical therapy I would recommend Jorge.

Claudia Johansen
Date of Posting: 17 December 2015
Posted By: Jack Johansen

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